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Dear Prof/Dr,

On behalf of the executive board and the scientific committee, it is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in the 15th International Stroke Summit 2019, which will be held June, 2019 at Nanjing, China.

The Summit is co-sponsored by Jinling Hospital, Medical School of Nanjing University, the journal of Interventional Neurology and World Stroke Organization (WSO), providing the opportunity to network with cerebrovascular experts representing China and other countries. It offers out stranding program and hot spots emphasizing Cerebrovascular Diseases and Interventional Neurology as they evolve toward a more complete understanding of stroke with goal to develop more effective prevention and treatment. The ISS 2019 program will include clinical trial seminars and training courses on June, as well as presentation and lecture time from June.

Programs in the ISS 2019:


Treatment for cerebrovascular diseases in acute stage

Recanalization of acute cerebral infarction

Thrombolysis and cerebrovascular recanalization

Cerebrovascular assessment

Application of precision medicine in cerebral vascular disease

Risk factors of cerebrovascular disease

Stroke registration

Genetic study of cerebrovascular diseases

Translational medicine application

Nerve repair and functional reconstruction


Advances in neuroimaging

Dementia and vascular cognitive impairment

Post stroke depression

Nursing care of patients with severe cerebral vascular disease

Nursing care post cerebral intervention

Any question for your attendance to the ISS 2017, please contact us:

Department of Neurology

Jinling Hospital

305 Zhongshan East Road

Nanjing, 210002, China

TEL: 86-25-80863485

FAX: 86-25-84664563


Official Website:

The 15th International Stroke Summit invitation letter

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