Wong Ka Sing
2016-06-19 00:31:21

 Wong Ka Sing, the professor from Chinese University of Hong Kong, introduces new progresses in minor stroke since 2016. He reveals the hotspots in the investigations about minor stroke and the advanced drug treatment for acute ischemic stroke. He explains the design, outcomes and analysis of a large scale clinical trial of a novel anti-platelet drug, Ticagrelor. The fresh information has been brought to every delegate. Professor ZHOU Huadong, from the Department of Neurology, Third Military Medical University, specifically introduces the diagnosis and therapy principle for intra- and extra-cranial arterial plaques. He addresses the necessity of the standardized diagnosis and treatment. Professor GU Jianping, from the Department of Interventional Radiology, the First Hospital of Nanjing, introduces how to use multi-mode magnetic resonance imaging to evaluate patients. He recommends a shift from clinical time-window to tissue time-window. A mismatch in imaging means an existence of therapeutic target. Then HE Zhiyi, the professor from the First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University, introduces several classical stroke cases with rare pathogenesis. At last, Professor CAO Bingzhen, Jinan General Military Hospital, provides a presentation on cerebral white matter injury from the perspectives of gene, immunity and neuropathology.