News flash from the conference on June 18, 2016
2016-06-18 00:27:42

 In the afternoon, there are wonderful moments in different meeting places. Summit participants share different opinions and experience a hot discussion. The meeting places in the afternoon include stroke hotspot forum, stroke contention and practice forum, CAS cases competition, CAS & IAS master lectures/intervention complications forum, neuropsychological college and neurological nursing forum. The prime meeting place, stroke hotspot forum, mainly centers on the issues of stroke rehabilitation, imaging, cerebral hemorrhage and cognitive impairment. In the neuropsychological college, Professor WANG Yongjun introduces the current situation in the acute phase management of ischemic stroke in China at first. Then Professor XU Gelin, GU Ping, LI Hua and YAO Zhijian focus on the issues about post-stroke depression. Nursing elites gather together in neurological nursing forum, exchanging experiences in nursing aiming to improve nursing quality. This is the first time that CAS cases competition is held in the form of a contest to share clinical cases. Eight judges are neurological intervention experts from major hospitals in China. Ten competitors leave good impressions by their excellent performance. This competition strengthens the rigorous and standardized consciousness on intervention therapy, promotes the communication among young doctors and deepens the knowledge in CAS from different views.