Stroke society forum: New ideas, New insights
2016-06-17 00:26:37

 The stroke society forum in the 12th International Stroke Summit was a specialized communication and study platform for Nanjing community health service centres and tertiary hospitals. It aims to promote the communications on public service and chronic diseases management among community hospitals and doctors. The community health service centre in Xia Cheng district of Hangzhou, has promoted its public service in the community. Nanhu community centre in Nanjing comes up with some management protocols for quality control in basic public health, aiming to improve the quality and efficiency of basic public health service. Sai Hongqiao center in Nanjing mainly focuses on community hospital culture construction and humanistic care. It proposes that the respect, understanding and humanistic care shown for patients should be embodied from their hospital admission to discharge. This forum successfully combined community and tertiary hospitals into interactive medical combo, which can propel the development of community public health career.