Experts in the 12th International Stroke Summit
2016-05-18 00:24:50

 Xiaosong Gu

The academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. The professor of Key Laboratory of Nerve Regeneration, Jiangsu Province. 


David S. Liebeskind

Professor of Neurology, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Associate Neurology Director & Neurology Director of the Stroke Imaging Program, UCLA Stroke Centre, USA


Raul G. Nogueira 

Associate Professor of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Radiology, School of Medicine Emory University, USA


Vitor M. Pereira

Associate Professor of Radiology and Surgery, University Health Network, University of Toronto, Canada


Craig S. Anderson

President of the Stroke Society of Australasia and Honorary Secretary of the Asia Pacific Stroke Association, Australia


K.S. Lawrence Wong

Chief of Neurology, the Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong, China


Thomas W.H. Leung

Lee Quo Wei Associate Professor of Neurology, Department of Medicine & Therapeutics, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, China


Bing Song

Royal Society URF Chair, Professor of College of Biomedical and Life Sciences, Cardiff University, United Kingdom


Jieli Chen

Professor of University of Auckland, USA