Hot Spots in Stroke
2016-05-25 00:22:49

 1.Neural Tissue Engineering         Xiaosong Gu


2.Precision Medicine for stroke       Yongjun Wang


3.The road of stroke recanalization  Raul G.Noguerira


5.Muti-model Neuroimaging of Penumbra of Stroke  Gaojun Teng


7.Comprehensive vascular assessment and stroke intervention  Xingfeng Liu


10.Cerebral Hemorrhage: A New Answer to the old question   Peng Xie


11.Moyamoya Disease and Moyamoya Syndrome  Suming Zhang


12.Challenge of Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis   Bin Peng


13.Molecular Epidemiology of stroke  Beisha Tang


14.A Brief History of Neuropsychology  Kai Wang


15.Application of HR-MRI in Cerebrovascular Evaluation  Yi Yang


16.Chinese Journal of Neurology: A Stage to Show Your Research   Moyue Wang


17.Forefront of Acute Stroke Treatment  Ming Liu


18.Cerebral Small Vessel Disease  Yicheng Zhu


19.Early Rehabilitation for Stroke  Xueyang Liu


20.The value of HR-MRI in etiological diagnosis of stroke  Jingsheng Zen


21.Stratification of risk factors for rupture of asymptomatic aneurysms  Zhijun Zhang


23.Cortical Venous Thrombosis  Xiaokun Qi


24.From Stenosis to White Matter Changes  Huadong Zhou


25.Stroke Mimics and Masked Stroke   Zhiyi He


26.Stroke Center Based on Endovascular Treatment   Jianping Gu


27.Stroke and White Matter Changes  Bingzhen Cao


28.Kinin system and Stroke    Qiang Dong


29.White Matter Changes: Pathological or Just Aging Process?  Yingdong Zhang


30.Dual Antiplatelet Treatment after Ischemic Stroke   Yangtai Guan


31.Collateral Assessment With Multi-mode CT in Ischemic Stroke  Min Lou


32.Genetics of Cerebral Small Vessel Disease  Ronghua Huang


33.Management of Green Chanel for In-hospital Stroke  Haibin Shi



Revascularization post Stroke

1.Perioperative Medication of Bridging Therapy  Yiling Cai

2.Factors Influencing Recanalization Rate in Acute Stroke  Qin Yin

3.Lessons Learned from Failure Cases of Mechanical Thrombectomy  Xingtong Liu

4.Endovascular Treatment for Awaking Stroke   Yu Geng

5.New Perspective of Solitaire Stent: Distal Embolectomy and Angioplasty   Wenhua Liu

6.Mechanical Recanalization of Carotid Occlusion Caused by Dissection   Haowen Xu

7.How to choose a neurointervention magzine for submiting article?  Gelin Xu

8.Stenting during Thrombectomy: With or Against?  Wei Wu

9.Management of Stroke Patients Ineligible for Thrombectomy  Yong Zhang

10.Endovascular Thrombectomy for Stroke: Lessons Learned    Fuqiang Guo

11.Acute Stroke Intervention with Sub-perfect Results   Shouchun Wang

12.Stroke Recanalization: Pay Attention to the Anterior Cerebral Artery  Chongguo Yin

13.My Viewpoint on Endovascular Treatment for Stroke  Liangqun Rong

14.Recanalization Therapy of Tandem Occlusion  Shuiping Wang

15.Recanalization Therapy of Chronic Occlusion  Tianxiao Li

16.Delayed Recanalization of Posterior Circulation Occlusion   Qiyi Zhu


CAS & IAS Masters

1.Management and thingking of Carotid Artery Stenting  Kangning Chen

2.Carotid Stenosis: CEA or CAS?  Jianlin Liu

3.Limitations of Current CAS  Luxiang Chi

4.Progress and Prospective in Symptomatic Intracranial Arterial Stenosis Intervention Qinwu Yang

5.Reviewing intracranial artery stents  Liqun Jiao

6.Application of SOLITAIRE System in Complex Symptomatic Intracranial Arterial Stenosis  Gen Liao

7.Clinical Practice with HR-MRI-Guided Cerebrovascular Evaluation  Wei Wang


Break Through in Stroke

6.Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: the responsibility of neurologists  Xiaoping Gao

7.Interpretation of the 2016 US Guidelines for the Endovascular Treatment of Acute Ischemic Stroke  Jie Shuai

8.Research progress of CSVD   Yun Xu

9.Bridging Therapy of AIS patients   Wusheng Zhu

10.Community-based  stroke prevention and treatment system   Mingli He


Complication of stroke forum

1.Prevention and Treatment of Hemorrhage after Endovascular Recanalization  Baoming Li

2.Hyperperfusion and Hypoperfusion after Endovascular Recanalization  Meng Zhang

3.A Case with Left Vertebral Occlusion Caused by Left Subclavian Artery Recanalization  Zhiming Zhou

4.Management of Hemorrhage in Stroke Patients  Zhen Wang

5.Complication of Recanalization  Liangfu Zhu